The Mayfair Gel Pillow

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    • Supportive and Comfortable Sleep
    • Cooling Blue Gel Pad
    • Naturally Antibacterial
    • Solid CloudTec® Filling
    • Vegan Friendly
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    The Mayfair Gel Pillow - Luff Sleep The Mayfair Gel Pillow - Luff Sleep The Mayfair Pillow - Luff Sleep The Mayfair Pillow - Luff Sleep The Mayfair Pillow - Luff Sleep The Mayfair Gel Pillow - Luff Sleep

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    What is inside the Mayfair Pillow?

    The Mayfair Pillow is made of CloudTec® with a unique cooling gel layer. Think of it as all the benefits of memory foam without the drawbacks.




    • Supportive and comfortable

    The Mayfair Pillow is filled with CloudTec®. Our firmest pillow. The perfect balance of comfort and support with the best orthopedic qualities.

    The Mayfair is the best pillow I've ever tried. I love the cool feeling it has and the fact that I don't have to worry about getting too hot during the night. I generally have a hard time falling asleep because I get too hot and this pillow is the best thing I've ever put under my head.


    I've had my Mayfair about 3 years now, and it's exactly the same as when I got it. Yes, it warms up a bit, but it's never as hot as my other pillows. During the recent heatwave I simply removed my own pillow case and gave the pillow an extra cooling boost with an ice pack. BLISS!


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    10% of Profits
    Go to Charity

    Vegan Friendly

    • The power of bamboo

    The Mayfair Pillow is dual sided. A cooling side and the soft bamboo side. The cover is removable and machine washable for your convenience. Naturally anti-bacterial and anti-allergy. 

    • Healthy Skin and Hair

    Nanoweave® Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-allergy so your skin will enjoy the benefits. Preventing dust mites, wrinkles and frizz. Promoting better moisture retention and a softer complexion. You will wake up glowing!

    • Help Your World

    Saving our planet is as important as quality sleep.

    The bamboo we use is fast growing, has low land and water use and requires no pesticides or fertiliser.

    10% of profits go to homeless charities because everyone needs a good night's sleep.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 38 reviews
    Finally a cool nights sleep!

    Wow I wish I had found this pillow years ago!
    After struggling with peri-menopause symptoms for a while and tossing and turning at night this pillow has been game changing. Finally I can keep my neck cool and night.
    I also have the bamboo silk bedding and combined with this pillow I am sleeping so much better.
    Thank you for creating these awesome products.


    I recently gave the Mayfair Gel Pillow a whirl, and I gotta say, it's pretty darn cool (pun intended). The pillow means business when it comes to keeping your head cool. The gel pad is like an ice pack for your noggin. No more sweaty nights wrestling with the pillow.

    Jacqueline Rose
    So comfortable

    I bought the bamboo pillow cases (which I love) & there was a deal at the end to buy a Gel Pillow. Never had a gel pillow before but needed a new pillow and it was a good price.
    I am so happy I did as it’s my fav pillow now!
    It is really comfortable.
    There is a protector already on it which is great.
    Can’t notice the gel, in terms of texture, only that it feels like lying down a fresh pillow every time, even after a while (that cool sensation).
    Love the shape as well.
    Have noticeably been having better sleeps since getting better bedding. Will be getting Luff products from now on.

    All rounder

    Cool, comfy and the cover is very soft. Couldn’t ask more from a pillow and I like the size! If you are looking for a all rounder I couldn’t suggest this one more.


    Pillow it is a life saver as I have hot flushes through the night. If I wake up I move over to another part of the pillow and it’s lovely and cool. Have washed the cover many times, still lovely.


    How firm is the mayfair pillow?

    The Mayfair Pillow is firmer than most ordinary pillows. Giving you an enjoyable blend of comfort and support.

    Can I Return It If I Don't Like It?

    Yes, you can easily return your pillow or exchange it for another one within the 100 day sleep trial. Just contact our friendly customer support team on the contact us page.

    is the pillowcase removable and washable?

    Yes. Take care of your pillowcase and it will take care of you. 

    Don't - Use biological detergent

    Don't - Use fabric conditioner

    Don't - Wash above 40℃ 

    Do - Line dry when possible

    Do - Wash them inside out

    Do - Use non-bio detergent

    How big is the mayfair pillow?

    60 x 40 x 11 cm

    What position is best to sleep in with the mayfair pillow?

    The Mayfair Pillow is brilliant for side sleepers, back sleepers and freestylers.

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