The Luxury Bamboo Pillow

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  • Supportive and Comfortable Sleep
  • Sustainable Bamboo Cover
  • Naturally Antibacterial
  • Cubed CloudTec® Filling
  • Vegan Friendly
The Luxury Bamboo Pillow - Luff Sleep The Luxury Bamboo Pillow - Luff Sleep The Luxury Bamboo Pillow - Luff Sleep The Luxury Bamboo Pillow - Luff Sleep The Luxury Bamboo Pillow - Luff Sleep

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  • Supportive and comfortable

The Luxury Pillow is filled with CloudTec®. Think of it as having all the benefits of memory foam without the drawbacks. It's designed to gently support your head with supreme comfort and the best orthopedic qualities.

Neck or shoulder pain? Kiss it goodbye!

I've been suffering from back pain and I find myself waking up aching. I tried a lot of different products until I found this one. I have been sleeping on it for 2 weeks and have had no back pain at all. It's taken the pressure off because it has a nice level of firmness and softness to it. My wife keeps pinching it so I'm back here ordering another one for her! I would recommend it.


Came in a nice package. Vacuum sealed. I let both pillows fluff up. It didn't take long, and they were both firm and fluffy! Which is exactly what I've been looking for. Slept on them for about a week now and very satisfied. No chemical smell and doesn’t get hot so far. Will order again!


Free UK Delivery

10% of Profits
Go to Charity

Vegan Friendly

  • The power of bamboo

More eco-friendly, breathable and softer than cotton. The bamboo pillowcase has a silky smooth finish giving a sumptuously soft feel. Removable and washable for your convenience.

  • Healthy Skin and Hair

Nanoweave® Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-allergy so your skin will enjoy the benefits. Preventing dust mites, wrinkles and frizz. Promoting better moisture retention and a softer complexion. You will wake up glowing!

  • Help Your World

Saving our planet is as important as quality sleep.

The bamboo we use is fast growing, has low land and water use and requires no pesticides or fertiliser.

10% of profits go to homeless charities because everyone needs a good night's sleep.

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews

Loving it. Can’t sleep without it!

Katherine Balfour
So happy with Pillow

I am so grateful to have found the perfect pillow. I would recommend to anybody but especially anyone suffering with neck pain like myself. Lovely to have a good night sleep again!

Nighat Butt

The best pillow I had in my lifetime


Sadly the pillows were returned.

Luxurious Comfort

I treated myself to the Luxury Bamboo Pillow and I must say, it has completely transformed my sleep experience. From the moment I laid my head on this pillow, I knew I was in for something special. What surprised me the most is how temperature-regulating the bamboo material is. I'm someone who tends to sleep hot, but with this pillow I wake up feeling refreshed and cool. It's like the pillow adapts to my body's temperature, amazing.


How firm is the luxury pillow?

The Luxury Pillow is firmer than most ordinary pillows but softer than most memory foam pillows. Giving you an enjoyable blend of comfort and support.

Can I Return It If I Don't Like It?

Yes, you can easily return your pillow or exchange it for another one within the 100 day sleep trial. Just contact our friendly customer support team on the contact us page.

is the pillowcase removable and washable?

Yes the pillowcase is removable and washable. Take care of it and it will take care of you. 

Don't - Use biological detergent 

Don't - Use fabric conditioner

Don't - Wash above 40℃ 

Do - Line dry when possible

Do - Wash them inside out

Do - Use non-bio detergent

How big is the luxury pillow?

60 x 40 x 14 cm

What position is best to sleep in with the luxury pillow?

The Luxury Pillow is brilliant for side sleepers, back sleepers and freestylers.

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