Virus Safety

 Normal Health Practices During COVID-19 

From toilet roll hungry people to misinformed masses, the world is dealing COVID-19 in an unorganised way. What people need is some clarity in what to do in this hectic time. The most important thing to do is to stick to the basics and uphold normal health measures to protect yourself. Your immune system is the most important and needs all the help it can get, that’s why it is important to remember the basics; 

  • Eating well - Having a balanced diet can help boost your immune system and combat any illnesses trying to take over. Whilst eating fruit and vegetables is essential, try eating immune boosting foods such as watermelon, mushrooms and all citrus fruits as they all can give your body that edge in keeping well. 
  • Regularly drink water - The recommended amount to drink is over 3 litres per day. This is to make sure that all your cells get the oxygen they need and the hydration to keep them working. Hydration is key in stopping infections from gaining access through entries such as your eyes and nose. 
  • Washing hands - Arguably one of the most important ones on here, washing your hands for 20 seconds regularly can help stop the transmission of bacteria to other places or when you touch your mouth / face. Washing your hands (or using antibacterial gel) before eating and when you have used public transport should become second nature.  

  • Self-isolation / social distancing - with the current situation with COVID-19 it is important to remember that if you do feel ill to keep away from people that are vulnerable. People with pre-existing problems and the elderly are at the most risk so try to avoid it if you are already ill or starting to feel ill. Social distancing is also very important to stop yourself from getting ill by staying at home and not having any unnecessary social interactions.

Being extra vigilant in the next coming weeks is the most important thing to do as it could stop the spread of COVID-19. Cancelling events and working from home is recommended as to stop the number of interactions with people who potentially may be carrying the virus. Remind everyone in your household to clean their hands and if someone does get ill you have to all isolate yourselves to stop it from spreading to others.   

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