Our Charity Contributions

Our Charity Contributions

Luff Sleep and our charity contributions 

Luff believes that everyone deserves a good night's sleep and to feel safe everytime they lay their head down. Unfortunately this is not the reality for a huge number of people who are currently homeless and sleeping where they can. That's why we have decided to give 10% of all our profits to different homeless charities across the UK. We feel strongly that everyone deserves a future and that all they need is a little help to get them on their way, that’s why we donate to the homeless charities as they help them from arranging accommodation for them to job support.  


Why we do it 

Homelessness is still a major problem across the UK today and people are still sleeping on the streets and need as much help as we can give. Not everyone's situations are the same in life and we want to support those people who are out there helping the people that need it the most. It was estimated that over 320,000 people were homeless back in December 2019 which is a staggering amount. We are all about sleep and want everyone to have the ability to sleep comfortably every night. With our donations we are helping people get off the streets, get job help, mental health therapy and onto level ground to live their lives.  

Our choice of charities 

Centrepoint is one of the charities that we have donated to since our inception. Centrepoint operates in the London, Manchester and North East area and they help young homeless people get a new start. They provide services such as; accommodation, counciling, health checks, job support and learning classes. Centrepoint pride themselves on being able to help people whatever their situation and give everything that chance to live a happy and stable life. 

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